Lufenuron stops


Lufenuron stops


Lufenuron stops


Lufenuron stops


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Lufenuron stops the formation of Chitin (pronounced KY-ton). Chitin forms the exoskeleton of many insects like fleas and beetles. Chitin also forms the hard cell walls of mold, yeast and fungus. By poking holes in those hard cell walls, our own immune systems can get in there and clear it out.

We don’t always know exactly what the problem is with Morgellon’s, so starting with the safest and most used treatment is the best protocol.

Not only does Lufenuron start to eliminate many different parasites, but it eliminates the fungus that many of those parasites feed on.

An additional advantage is that in trying to deal with the irritations of Morgellon’s, the skin gets damaged, either mechanically or with chemicals. The Lufenuron can take down the secondary fungal infections that so often accompany other, harsher treatments.

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800 mg each
To fight mold, yeast, fungus and many parasites

222 mg or 444 mg
To treat intestinal worms, as well as rogue cancer cells

70 mg each
Nitenpyram kills itchy external parasites in just 30 minutes

12 mg each
Treats intestinal worms, some parasites and used prophylactic for virus

30 mg each
Stops arthritis. Pulls calcium from blood & puts it back in bones and teeth

Each and every decision we make is done so with Patient care as our first priority! Shop at with confidence. offers only pharmaceutical grade Lufenuron, Fenbendazole, Nitenpyram, Ivermectin, and Boron, all over-the-counter products that safely help control worms,  fleas, Systemic Candida (Candida albicans), yeast, molds and fungus in all mammals and so much more.

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